To implement your project, we create a stylistic concept and a visualization of your space, as well as prepare a package of documents, including a planning solution, collages and photorealistic 3D visualization, a complete set of blueprints, sketches of all custom -created furniture pieces, as well as a detailed specification of all finishes, furniture, lighting and accessories.

from 8,500 rubles per sq. m.


If your space has already been built and a full design project is not required, then we offer an interior decoration service. We will select furniture, textiles, art and decor, taking into account your wishes and the existing architecture of the space.

The cost is calculated individually and depends on the stage of readiness of your space.


For a successful implementation, it is necessary to monitor the whole progress and to interact with all the involved contractors. Architectural supervision begins at the time of construction and includes weekly site visits and consulting builders along the way, as well as, if necessary, correcting all drawings.

60,000 rubles per month


We work on turnkey basis – from the creation of a concept to a complete setup of your home. The installation stage includes timely deliveries of finishing materials, furniture, lighting and accessories – from placing orders and performing measurements to deliveries, quality control and dealing with returns. We will provide you with the most optimal conditions for deliveries and picking times.

10% of the budget


A perfect project requires perfect execution. We work with professional construction crews who will build your home at the highest standards.

from 35,000 rubles per sq. m.